i loved that doll, i loved it well
we built four walls; a private hell
and guzzled down testosterone gel
it never loved my breakfast syrup
though it tasted sweet, like missiles on a dream boat
that doll spit syrup out every time
and i cried tears of sticky money power
now i leer as careful women glower
trying to piss every time i take a shower
to kill the parasitic fungus
to swill the poisoned blood among us
this paper is stealing our words from us
and prosthetic primates dance twice as fast
as toddlers on ketamine
who just after midnight become quite obscene
or so the large dicked socialists glean
from their ivory phallic towers spewing semen
yet not overreaching
creamy peach beached whales flailing flippers
flippantly defying gravity
sipping warm tea from your deepest cavity
carving the shape of caffeine into your cavernous receptor sites
dipping deep into darkness each time we turn out the lights

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Cadavre Exquis

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