Je Suis Christ
Retard Riot


Asdtrodienst: Free Chart Services
Rob Brezsney's Free Will Astrology


Expert Village: The World's Largest How To Video SiteInstructables: The World's Biggest Show and Tell
Instructables: The World's Biggest Show and Tell
DIY Photography and Lighting


Situationist International Text Archives
AK Press: Worker Run Book Seller of Independently Published Texts
Eclipse: Free Online Archive of Radical Small Press Writing
The New Escapologist Magazine: Investigating Alternative Lifestyles Through Humor and Critical Psychology
Incoherent Rants of a Madman


Miguel From Oakland: Folk Songs
Tuvan Throat Singing
Inuit Throat Singing
Free Program to Turn Numbers into Generative Fractal Music


Erowid: Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans and Psychoactives
Michael Pollan: Professor of Journalism at UC Berkeley, NY Times Writer, and Author of Numerous Books on Food, Plants, and the Environment
Fungi Perfecti: Mycological Tools, Supplies, Literature etc. Run by Paul Stamets
The Berkeley Ecology Center: Offers Classes, Workshops, Library, Green Products and More
Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases: Search plants by chemical, activity or ethnobotanical use. Includes list of browsable databases and rainforest information.
Mountain Rose Herbs: Sells Organic Bulk Herbs, Spices, Teas, Essential oils etc.
San Francisco Scarlet Sage Herb Company
California Native Plant Society
Berkeley Native Here Nursery
Berkeley Watershed Native Plant Nursery
Mycological Society of San Francisco
Occidental Arts and Ecology Center


Visionary Activist Archives
Over The Edge Archives (Negativland)
Puzzling Evidence Archives (Subgenius)
The Herbal Highway Archives
Free Radical Radio

Social Justice

Coyote Network News with Visionary Activist Caroline Casey
Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project
The Icarus Project: Grassroots Radical Mental Health Collective
Cultural Survival: Working with and For Indigenous Peoples
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap!

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