Color Theory

Millions of people suddenly died of heart attacks as the unbelievably grotesque mutilated giant aliens fell out of the skies on rivers of alien blood. But I survived and eventually forgot this event. I tend to survive and forget things. You see, one of my many traits. I can stand on my head in the dark. Because my pupils are dilated. And no one can see me. There are so many things I can do in the dark. This brought me back to an earlier time when I spent my days on a river swimming and looking at birds. I also ingested copious amounts of LSD. I thought I had some friends with me. When I realized I didn't, life was real dark. Darker than the darkest of chocolate. Darker than black. Jet black. But so anyhow, enough about colors. Color theory is for fags. Hetero is the new black. No longer were wild homosexual public orgies the rage. San francisco was as desolate as New Orleans after a hurricane. No more wild colorful faggotry. Times were a changin'. And changing fast. Zero to light speed in three seconds. Bam! Blaw! Fromp! Swip! Crazy shit. Crazy like a hetero-normative ideology on color television.

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