Retardist Manifesto

i regret that i have but one mind to lose for my ART. I feel it now begin to absorb me, to become me. this expansion of ego does not scare me. NO, in fact it drives me HARDER. in the beginning was THE LIE, and the lie shall set us loose. it shall free us from reality and BANALITY and the mundane, drudgingly pathetic thing we call BEAUTY. irony and the birth of the age of the ABSURD will release us, free us, tie us in the knots of FUN, childishness, and novel, retarded happiness. like monkeys at the zoo we will throw our now useless FECES at our captors. we will humiliate and denigrate those who force feed us FALSE CULTURE in the guise of all-knowing intelectuals, artists, ROCKSTARS, and movie moguls. submodern psuedo-intellectual artistic subversion will rule the new collective unconscious. only things that NO ONE considers art, most of all the artist, will be art. logic and reason will be decimated by the hordes of astrologists, phrenologists, palmists, SEERS, mystics, yogis, cartoonists, comedians, demagogues and charlatans. symbols will ascend to metaphores and similies will descend to INANITIES.
BLAH BLAH BLAH will be our war cry, LA LA LA our funeral song.
you have nothing to lose but your mind
BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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