Always second guessing myself. Vuela Vuela Vuela! With the wind beneath your wings, or at least the hair beneath your ams. I see a jungle of hair, a jungle of knowledge that surpasses all expectations between large rivers and lakes of sweat, flowing free throughout the world spreading its wisdom and lies. We'll institutionalize the rape of culture and explain away belief systems in the name of Progress and trick people into believing that religion and science are separate. But in fact they are not, religion is the science of keeping the masses at peace and conformed, the science of keeping guilt upon the populations so that they don't question and challenge the system. It is the peoples opium... wow, my 5 year old pen has just died! But its spirit will live on in our works of literary genius. It spilled its blood on this paper for all of humanity to witness, like a true revolutionary. But what exactly is a true revolutionary... what are the requirements? Is it constantly challenging the oppressive forces, or is it a different way of thinking? Is it risking your life everyday or is it a style you wear? Bow chicka bow wow.

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