La Otra Campaña

¿Sabes que es La Otra Campaña? La Otra Campaña is walking up straight. That mark on your chin, you fell learning to walk? I'm glad you got up and tried again. Now you can walk. Until your legs break once again from the weight you carry on your shoulders. But you'll stand and like I said before walk again to see the sun rise over the mountains with brilliant purples and orange colors. Where the cowboys get drunk and drown themselves in sweet rivers of cajeta. And what fish swim in these rivers? Lovesick fish. Sick from too much cowboy cajeta love. Bow chick a bow wow. What are true words? If we knew life would not be what it is. So stop joking with language until we look beyond our simple answers to what our mother wants to tell us. Like I always say: "Te amo para siempre o más o menos," whichever comes first I guess. Even GUESS is marked by a corporation just like PINK, GAP, LALA, WENDY'S, SONICS all end in ©. LONDON IS DEAD. Not again how many times will it make it to the underworld in one late night with words rambling on pages and pages with no end. PUNKS NOT DEAD but the Renaissance is and the Surrealist Movement lives on through commercials where McDonald's is healthy for breast feeding mothers and it penetrates into their breast milk. Frankly I'd rather open my mouth and welcome a stream of milk from a gypsy's chi-chi in the Mediterranean.

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