Everyone should try to say "buttermilk" more often. I feel so great when I say that. Like the other day when I called a raccoon "buttermilk." But "buttermilk" the raccoon didn't get along very well with the other animals. He always felt so different and isolated because he didn't like butter or milk which all f the other animals loved more than anything else in the world. But the world loved this more than anything in itself. And that made EVERYTHING better for everyone. The world was like a giant love cookie sometimes. Except for all those ugly selfish people. They tried to keep all the cookies for themselves. They hoarded them in boxes. So many crazy bees in crazy boxes. Put them in the white house. Bush loves honey! Lemme tell you something... Bush may love honey, but Dick Cheney is allergic to pomegranates. We need to seriously consider the implications of this... There could be limbs lost, souls liquified, and other zombie shit. Exuberant naked creatures in your head. I like implications. That's good that you like them. Cuz that's all we got in this crazy world baby. Implications.

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