The Big Bang

First there was the big bang, then there was stuff. Then it was the year 2007 and shit is all fucked up. Now what? Now we go from here. From here to nowhere now here. Or tere. Alas, what crazy shit lurks in these decrepit waters? Maybe only time can tell... Unless you're an astrologer and then time really can tell. But what;s more important is the cash. Money talks, sweet thang. It talks to me in dreams all night long. It talks to me in plain english. I can hear it in my mind. Clearer than the voice of god himself. Or you could say, clearer than god's crystal bling. Pimp daddy mac god's bling that is. Bling wanted to go back home to planet "volplankins" but his phone to call home was broken. He took his giant alien penis and made a fortune doing gay porn. But one day  he did go back to his planet. For only one day. Just to piss everyone off an plant roses and then leave again. Mullets now there's a thought.

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