Transorbital Lobotomy

i could never write poems for you
because your standards are too high
and you put yourself on a pedestal
before i
ever got the chance
but once
when things were newer
and i was braver
trying to win you over
with my chivalry
i did write you a poem
you tore it apart the other day
in collaboration
with your new consort and cocaine
deconstructed but not destroyed
through the three of you it was transformed
into exactly what i don't know
a collage of transorbital lobotomies
performed through the eyes
of schizophrenic patients
if you see something
say something
but all i could see
through my repressed tears
were my disfigured
mouths and eyes
had i been more lucid
perhaps i would have reported
the suspicious activity as an omen
or at least as an art crime
of prophetic allegory

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