People Like Clothes

trying on people like clothes
as if they were
the latest fashions
or designer drugs
which ones cling too much or hang too loosely from my form
which receptors they fit into
and which of my neurotransmitters
they mimic most
some are used or come second-hand
smelling comfortably of tobacco dirt and sweat
some are new and shiny
they aren't broken in yet
this can be fun and flattering at first
but they emit all sorts of noxious dyes and chemicals
that leave me with a headache
and some of these drugs are ancient
archaeological remnants of enema tubes
once used to transport
from the anus to the mind
fantastic visions which
searing your dendrites so deeply
force you to carve out
your insights
onto everything and everyone
around you
but some are deceptive little bastards
they tell you convincing lies
i'm your friend
i'm here to help you fix your car
and you believe them
you don't have enough money or time or energy to take your car to the shop and they always screw you anyway so why not give it a shot and he seems nice enough
so you say ok
and you don't sleep or eat for awhile
but it's ok because you're getting so much done and you haven't felt like this in so long and look at all this art!
but then the morning comes
when you finally crash
and you realize
all that's left is
broken pieces all over the floor that don't make any sense
and a bad hangover
and questions like
how could i have been so stupid and why did i think that something as dull as khaki could ever be a good idea and damn
how come
i didn't notice
that bitch was so ugly

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