LSD New Year Purge

remembering to plant seeds instead of reattaching dead leaves back onto the trees
new shoes to bring in the new year
but deserved because we're
wearing out the old ones
wading through mud
climbing up the hills
and falling down them
falling down laughing because with each loop of trail it's all the same thing (only higher this time) and the further you get from it the better you can see it
blam blam blam
lichen is photographs from space
we are a centipedes coiled around a rock
hell is here where you cant leave wading through mud forever telling stories and writing songs
falling down reaching for the medicinal plants that stop bleeding and now i'm bleeding because i fell trying to reach for those plants
like how the bubbles
were already there at the top of the hill waiting for us
re re re re re
remembering reminding reflecting
on all these symbols and systems
remembering to make our own symbols and systems
re living re writing mythology
whether we know it or not
remembering to write our own stories
to take back our own authority
the journey is epic as usual and
everything over the past few weeks seems as if it had only been leading up to this moment
which it was
it always is
but we always forget
we take it to remember
why did we bring all this shit with us
i'd take my shoes off if i wouldn't have to carry them
trying our best to
dismantle entropy as a hypothetical tendency
for the inevitable degeneration of our kind
[heat death]
A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system.
so we have to open the system find the cracks and crawl in.
crawling around the hills looking at the system we're trapped in side of but know better. combat The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.
take back THE VIEW.

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