where's delirium?
i've been awake for so long
i still can't find it

stream of cigarettes
keep falling into my mouth
boredom is to blame

this song really sucks
what the fuck were they thinking?
boredom turns to pain

"my helper helps me"
wheel chair lady in the bathroom
doesn't wash her hands

i lost my penis
late one night while at the beach
it's not a butt-plug

sleep is for the weak
dreams are overrated
i defy my needs

will you give me some
prosthetic body parts please?
i know you have them

eating is stupid
we need photosynthesis
evolution please

christ is your savior
he invaded the earth once
and he will again

but we still do not
understand the meaning of
simple sentences

i don't understand
yes, you do not understand
semantics class rocks

how come i can't stop
loving people i just keep
adding to the list

cut to the chase, man
socialist agitation
causes stds

this has to be true
because a speaker said it
nice simple system

what about context?
context is irrelevant
we have deduced it!

don't feed to infants
any food at all ever
so long tax credit

you might imagine
that i care about your life
very clearly not

destroying context
violating relevance
can we search your car?

what we should do is
no sleep and too much coffee
simple and sticky

fuck all your haiku
does it present some challenge?
too much syllable

i hate kristen
i hate your cellular phone
that food you cooked sucks

limp biscuit sucks ass
i am going to kill george bush
then i'll kill myself

hardcore punk is lame
it all fucking sounds the same
discharge fucking rules

dsl i need
a higher connection speed
my brain wants to feel

lsd i feel
i might say something surreal
on this paper meal

all my ideas
flew away from me today
please come back to play

i want to throw a
brick through my own window
when i drink perrier

drunk people they make
homoerotic wrestling
they even use tape

like bread in ovens
we're trapped in the universe
you don't even care

fuck the fcc
the airwaves need to be free
pay fees? nigga, please

i love you at all
always it will be like this
forever or less

how can i be so
nostalgic for the present?
it's not even gone

scaring little kids
vitamin adventure squad
don't believe in god

8 months celibate
i violated myself
sex is fucking dumb

avant-garde retards
join army national tard
and paint stuff with lard

it's not poetry
because it's not pretentious
haiku is so good

retarded artists
turning wine into water
since 2002

miguel is crazy
rubbing his nipples with change
that he made today

zack's accordian
is a super death machine
kill kill kill kill kill

i can't think about
anything unless it does
not make any sense

i don't believe that
they are just here visiting
war on tourism

eyes dialated
do reptiles get excited?
all of us chided

i should go to bed
but i won't because i'm dumb
morning will regret

my head will explode
into many small pieces
we will laugh at me

jody is the best
casio keyboard player
straight men want his cock

i like throwing things
it heightens my awareness
and my self-esteem

anything less than
ecstacy is depression
but small things bring joy

i fucking hate you
i'll use my heart to break yours
i want some more wine

i have many scarves
i wear them on different
parts of my body

i could spend all day
reading the dictionary
solitary play

we are bombing fools
have to pretend it's funny
or else i will cry

you should not forget
the heart is just a folder
i deleted it

i will guarantee
no spiritual stds
wanna suck my chi?

if this is empty
then i must be drinking
my imagination

just because you're drunk
doesn't mean what you're saying
is the important

i thought i know math
i was on a lot of drugs
i do not know math

you are pathetic
and fucked up in areas
but you are still cool

are killing free radicals
kind of like the cops

joy division's wrong
love will not tear us apart
rabid bunnies will

with our tongues entwined
and our bovine eyes aligned
time is undermined

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