Chunks of Wax

Twirling dress ends of bass beat, snare tremble the glasses, clinking of her pupils in the blue liquid eyes she vaginas, step back and I'll step forward. Forward into your gaping anus. As wide and black and hollow as your eyes. Pass over me, I rest assured that you will nothing the worries silent as a candle. Slices of silent beef; your eyes ten hours, repetition, twist in your chunk of wax that you guard as if it were a precious chunk of your life melting away. Let it. Not to start over, but to start nothinging your wax drip down the shaft or ensnarl the yoni with vines of morning glory and honey suckle. Just when I suckled the honey I thought of Captain Distance, bridging the memory gulf, swimming over its icy depths like shimmers across your opened eyes. And opened hearts and opened hands burning on FIRE. Sinking ship of brilliant opium smoke in the hull, the mast left unconsumed, alight with the flaming mass as it all goes down. Down down down into the earth to mingle with the earthworms.

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Cadavre Exquis

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