The North Pole

Somewhere in the north pole, three polar bears were swimming. Life was okay, they ate lots of fish. Then someone shot them, stuffed them and made $10,000 off their corpses. Corpse corpse I want your fucking corpse. When you're dead I want your fucking corpse. Do you like interior decorating? She asked me. And i said do you have any idea who you're talking to? I kill interior decorators every chance I get. I decorate my basement with their internal organs. But in brighter news I just bought an island. Fully stocked with hot people. Babes and hunks from all over were there. Boobs bouncing and dicks flopping. Crane stance dick flop. He thought I'd be impressed by that new kung-fu move of his but he hadn't yet seen my... I had a plan for that. Lots of booze, a lap dance, and then BOOM, and lay the news on him. I wonder what he will think? Hopefully he won't think. He'll just sit there like a fucking drone. Men are dumb dumbs. Too bad they don't taste sweet like lollipops. :(

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