The Mall

Bitches. Stuck up stupid fuck new wave barbie mall shoppin' high heel wearin' dumb blondes. Why am I at the mall? Then a bolt of lightning came down on my head, I was in a coma for years but I don't care now because I've got a wicked afro. But it's really a disguise for my sophisticated telepathic space-time machine. It's what I'm all about. I made a clock once that ran on a potato. How savage is that? Pirate wars are no joke. I've seen too many to eve wish to have to see another. Men sure will fight for the booty! But with booty comes responsibility. And with responsibility comes drinking. And with drinking comes booty. See, it's all one big fucking loop man. Cheap pirate sex no doubt. But a loop none the same. Heavenly vibrant rays of healing light crashing like a drunk behind the wheel. It was all so poetic but I didn't see it. All the wild nights, living in my dreams. Too bad I died in that freak accident involving mating badgers. But it's a good thing that their babies went on to kill more people.

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