The Eighth Dimension

Memorizing mars in gemini sextiles, tear off the textiles, sex on the tiled floor tilted perspectives irrespective of age, sex, location. Things started to defy gravity so they passed laws, making it illegal to float over the white house. Always more laws, bullshit laws, and population control. Who needs people anyway? Might as well kill us all off. The only good human is a fuckin' dead one. Fuck humankind, fuck humanity! Kindly with insanity, and sobriety because consent can't be given while drunk or high on sky cock flying in time eternity. But the high didn't last long, and soon the sky cock became dangerous land cock. It flopped around like a fish out of water, many people saw this land cock. But besides all the fame of land cock, land cock had other qualities. Land cock could hold its breath for 32 and 1/3 minutes. Pretty impressive. It can also run a mile in 2.3 minutes. Now that's a fast cock!!! But not the last cock. Rock around the cock 'til the clock don't stop. Until the cock broke, then we changed the subject because we realized how phallic driven our imaginations were, our minds ran deep, deeper than vagina. So hit that fuckin' bowl and shut up and sit down. You're about to have the time of your life. You're about to get stoned fool. You're about to think deeper than you ever have before. Deeper than super vagina on crack laughing about nothing. The shallowness of babies assholes suddenly became glaringly obvious. So we abandoned our planet earth for the 8th dimension.

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