Police State

The United States quickly turned into a police state, and there were chunks of cops everywhere. But we were able to hide underground, and be anarchists. Until one day... Everything fell apart. Nothing was OK. Even the animals knew something was up. Something bad was about to happen. Not even music sounded right. And not even their words turned left. In fact, their words didn't turn at all. Gravity kept them from floating into space. But it did not stop them from smoking endless joints and making good use of wax. Bee's wax that is. The sweetest smelling wax there is. Bees are also good for honey. I like honey, but I hate getting stung. Even though I love getting strong. One of my many paradoxes. I had many other lives too, and in one of them I owned a monkey. He had his own tree in my backyard. Someone tried to steal him once! The bastard. How dare they. Stealing is wrong and if you steal you will go to hell. Just ask Satan, where to find gold and small children.

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