We're humans on this crazy planet. But why? What is our purpose? All we do is destroy. And fuck animals too. Hella lame broski. So yeah I was like chillin' drinkin' cold borscht soup with my broskis. I had to hurry to make my flight to Bangkok. I had investments to make. Connections to make. I had an above averagely tiny penis. In highschool they called it broken chopstick. BC for short. They always laughed at me in history class. Where they tell you crazy lies. Like, "I love you," and "you are the future," and "you can do anything if you put your mind to it." Do they even know anything about  love or the future or where my mind has been? These are great questions to ask yourself. Life is full of wonder, and triumphant acts of god. Did I mention humans=garbage? Listen sonny, I'm only telling you this for your own good. Do some acid, shrooms, whatever. I say yay anarchy! I say yay car mechanics in high-heels. That was a night I never want to relive.

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