Pepsi or coke? Fuck your question. You stupid fucking piece of shit advertisement. I mean what the fuck people it's just soda! And then it's piss. Then it's in the ocean and in your taps. Baths are relaxing and so are opiates. Drowning toddlers is illegal. In the united states of 'merica where we have good old fashioned values. Where we care about toddlers. Not like those godless inuit savages who commit infanticide and don't care about little fat christian girls. Ya know? Do you understand what I mean? It's fucked man... Fucked to the core. Fucked like never before. It was momentous, catastrophic, it was insane. It was "hardcore." With a soft outer shell. But you wouldn't know it just by looking at it. Appearances are deceiving. Deceiving like deceptive people. You know that feeling you get when you put dirt in your mouth? Kinda like that bitch.

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