Delusions of Grandeur

do i want you?
do i want me?
do i want all three
i don't know...
what i'm looking for or why
i'm conent
i'm depressed
i lament
i'm repressed
i'm euphoric and ecstatic
i'm wired and lonely
tired and friendly
i listen, consume, digest it and emit it
i ignore it and admit it
i'm contemplating and procrastinating because i don't want to use you and i don't want to lose you
but isn't that what we all do?
can we love and use each other?
give and take together?
why one at a time?
why one and then the other?
can't we play the beginning and the end simutaneously in the middle?
riddle each other
with our senses
until we're senseless
with our immense
propensity for nonsene
abused, reused, reduced, and transmuted
into haiku and metaphor
to escape the bright daze
and their haze of confusion
to reclaim our peculiar brand of sanity
oftentimes tinged with vanity
i don't want this insanity
to be a temporary phase
i don't want this gaze
to shift
i don't want to lift
these delusions of grandeur
i like it when the lines blur
for they ensure obscure detours
i don't want to find a cure
for this craziness
you have induced upon me

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