Contrarious Age of Aquarius

Enthusiastically sarcastic, orgiastic and elastic (but definitely not plastic) dastard poetasters taskmastered some bastards. They declared it necessarily unecessary, sedentary, devolutionary, and counterrevolutionary to live vicariously. The gregarious Aquarians thought it hilarious. But being quite nefarious took it upon themselves to intercept certain visual receptacles that some had become so adept at accepting and expecting to live thier lives for them. "We abruptly innterupt to disrupt the corrupt! The garish spectacle must perish! It's the contrarious Age of Aquarius!" They shouted, but doubted that anyone thereabout would join them in their spaced out break out. So they added, "Free saurkraut, sprouts, and umlauts for all those who refused to be amused, abused, and seduced by mass-produced entertainment! Dissent! Experiment with reinventing the meaning of self-content! Torment the president! But whatever you do, DO NOT REPENT! All subsequent actions should be self-evident." The gadfly Geminis complied with the Uranian minds and transmogrified into butterflies whereby they multiplied in quasi-bacchae-fashion. Through passionate invasion of evasive persuasion they tongue-tied the wise-guys, left them mystified and stupefyed. Dissatisfied with oversimplification they took up a new occupation: diffusing and misusing confusing brochures of obscure non-sequitie literature. To ensure their success they lured and undressed pretty synchronicity who was having a taboo rendezvous with the residue of de ja vu.

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