Motel 6

Mientras. Mintiendo. Cual es la diferencia when it's all accepted. Believe. Belief. What's left theory? Leaving gaps to the reasoning of human behavior. The nerve system says burning, but we walk towards the fire. It's better than quiet desperation or numb ends. It's my turn now and I'm going to slam that shit. Mainline culture straight into my veins, snort fat lines of language off caracol shaped mirrors, and save the tequila worm. Keep it safe and warm deep in my sordid belly. Then I'll give birth to jelly belly gusano babies. Gummi bears in candyland washing my sorrowful tears. Childish innocence come back, relieve my stress and "responsibilities" of adulthood. Better behaved than a post office. So you can just slap me and call me a tomato (3 porn channels in Motel 6) where images of those fake nefarious fornicators sell for more than your bleeding heart. I will not cave. Watching blood spilling on pavement in plazas or on plants in the jungle. It will be my strength to move forward, stepping to my  truth. Serpents will one day glide out like rivers open into bodies of ocean. Fire will be thr light of my words. Swirled words will begin and end in the complete and powerful stone sentences with room to sculpture. And weave threads on Luna's loom. I wanna be the moon's little womb. Our home our protection. Safety is what we seek when we love hidden.

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