Dirty Pillows

Chula Chucka, La Sad Facem Zordon - our alter egos are our face and heart that we eject from our true environment in order to save ourselves. Egotism drives us to the insanity we call lives. Wake up. Shower. Breakfast and so until night fall. Sleep empty dreams in a world filled with marvels. Marvelous carnivals, carousels, and carne. Con cajeta. Cameras, kisses, compañeras, and capitalism. Todos con cajeta. Rub the cajeta until it is warm and spreadable. FUCKING FUCK - LOL OMG TTYL BTW - we turn to consumerism for our language. London is dead. The song plays and we continue to buy collections of stuff. $4000 Tv. %300 Stereo. To feed our brains with something other than our strings of thought that try to say more and be louder than what is force fed to us. "Just feed and feed and feed every chance you get," he told me. Because we'll genetically engineer your corn, privatize your oil, criminalize your medicine, and monoculture your psyche. Pero, siempre con cajeta. Slap that shit on. Choo-choo-cha-choo-choo-cha choo-cha-choo - azúcar! To fill out corazones con un poco de dulce que los hace falta. Dulce dulce para llenar el mundo con un poco de alegría. I've wrapped myself here in luggage, leather, seashells and shawls and my muscles have grown while I have realized having a vagina doesn't mean you need to wear pants to be respected or taken seriously. Let, expect that your dirty pillows will sag. Sagging is a sign of wisdom. Let them touch the earth.

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