I got caught in aisles of Lala Milk, Raid, Mayonaise wonderlands that ran on forever as far as the eye could see. "I'm in heaven," I thought. But then I realized it was actually just Chedraui. And then long rows of nothingness filled my head to a world of consumerism that is crossing borders, invading lives. But lesbianism can save us and soften our breasts open legs bloom flowers and spread serpent love trenzas in Western view may be humored as tampons but what if they really were and our periods were red ceremonies and trenzas were a tribute to serpents? Their bellies rubbing together crawling up our heads filling them with lesbian propaganda to help us prepare for the (r)evolution, but mostly to help us fall and rise in love with life. If only such a thing was possible, for others to see beyond themselves, to see into the heart of the tierra and the hearts of others. The lost one is the neart of the river. But everybody's got to be somewhere. I believe in a place called lost freedom. Where we are free to dominate fools. In a superficial sense of superiority that tricks others into a life filled with monotony. Distracted from reality, playing their own game of life. Coca Cola - Cara Cola - the jarana or the drink?

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                                                         Cadavre Exquis

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