Las Nubes

Immediate connections are hard to make. Mayans on motorcycles, women singing roosters, men talking squash. El jardín estaba verde con vida, con la vida de la naturaleza. El tomate, el melon llenas de riquesa. La tierra era felíz de darle la vida a las plantas. La sangre de la gente. La violencia contra la tierra. ¿Las nubes puedan limpiar todos? Ella habla, "Si, limpia todos." But the man replied, "How can you clean the clouds with the sun?" El calor, the heat of it all was too much for the little jaguar. The mama jaguar was sad because her little jag was not doing well. The well water now poisoned we were forced to survive on coca-cola. But at least we weren't alcoholics anymore and we didn't have to eat. We fed on each other's company -tiempo pasado- con café in the café. But maybe everyone secretly wants to be somewhere else. The goat, I felt also wanted to be someone else. I thought it wanted to be a gorilla so that it could eat all the bananas. Because gorillas don't need to worry about the worlds limited supply of natural resources. However resourceful, we can't seem to shake the feeling of youth and of the rain. The ceilings leak memories and while she sketches, I wonder if we'll be friends in a year. In that year the gorilla learned to use the computer to send messages to its friends all over the globe. The essence of time and lemonade marketed as Time-Ade.

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