Bear Milk

To gather my strength for the long journey ahead, I filled my canteen with the warm frothy milk, straight from the nipples of a gay shaved shit eating retarded bear. Then we went to the beach and got attacked by a huge swarm of wasps cloned with sharks, nipples couldn't have helped us. They weren't enough to sustain us on our trek through the underworld. For this, we needed much more powerful and magical objects. So we built a giant penis to block the sun. All the feminists were pissed off, they became pale and male hating psycho cunts. We cut off our cunts in order to publicly institute and sanctify our masculinity. For whatever reason, the intellectual spineless liberals thought that this was a good idea, but soon enough they discovered the truth. And they deserved birth. To be born and reborn. Into vicious cyclical feedback loops of eternal assimilation and separation. Big words soon faded away, the ocean waves crashed, some crackheads smoked some crack, that they had scored in a past life and somehow managed to bring with them into their present incarnation. They smuggled addiction across the borders of time and space. Transdimensional drug runners creating their very own new reality. Complete with cylindrical apes and foaming rivers, lava oceans, and crustacean palaces. Reality is not a dirty word.

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Cadavre Exquis

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