Average Bicycle Ride

He thought he was just going on an average bicycle ride. The kind he went on everyday. But then suddenly a strange man appeared on the path. Suddenly the path turned into lava and fiery sock monkey-resembling lava monsters emerged. Lava paths everywhere! There were flying beluga whales screaming on fire. "The fire is only in your mind," he said. Stop struggling. Once you realize this you can learn to control it. Control is nonsense but we must learn to control it. I like good feelings. Tie my tubes tonight baby. Nah, man. I'm tired baby. How 'bout we do it tomorrow morning? After we smoke some marijuana. Hide it in your lawn gnome, he is a worthy keeper and a worthy lover. Hot lawn gnome sex on the lawn, smoking trees. But only trees because hard drugs are not conducive to hot sex. But trees are soft. Soft like hot sex. We were anti-hard cold sex, A.H.C.S for short. The other gangs were scared of us. So much public sex!

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